Vegan French Toast


When I was growing up, I was not a breakfast person. When I got to decide my own eating habits as a young adult, I began skipping the “most important meal of the day.”. And then at some point something shifted… And I began to love breakfast! It was my favorite meal! Fiancé and I would eat eggs, veggie sausage and hash browns, all smothered with cheddar cheese. It was my favorite meal of the day. Then I went vegan. Couldn’t eat any of that besides the hash browns. That’s okay, though! I’ve discovered vegan French toast is easier than regular! Almond milk, vanilla extract and cinnamon- soak bread and fry! It was so easy I got bored. So I decided to make apple compote! Which was really easy too. Apples sliced thin, vanilla extract and melted earth balance, with brown sugar over the top in the pan, then cook it down. Easiest breakfast ever, and Adam thought I was amazing. Win win (win)!

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