Camping, Vegan Pie and other amazing things

I have never been a huge camper.  Not that I ever disliked it, it just wasn’t big in my family.  My mom raised me to appreciate a soft bed in a nice hotel on vacation, which may have been the product of her and my dad camping their way across the US before I was born.  However, you may have heard something about Adam (that man I am head-over-heels about) liking that “outdoors” place where the bugs live. (Just because I’m vegan doesn’t mean I have to like bugs, okay? Steph Davis feels the same way.)

So clearly if I want to make him happy and get to know the things he loves, I have to go outside my comfort zone.  That being said, Lake Tahoe is awesome!  I loved preparing vegan skewers to cook over our fire, and toasting vegan marshmallows, and seeing cute chipmunks and being outdoors!  And I really liked knowing a bear thought my skewers smelled so delicious he tried to get into our bear box!  Oh yeah, and I kind of like this boy.

So if anyone tries to tell you camping food is all about meat and gross stuff, tell them to shove it.  Or tell them to eat pie.  Of course, that’s not exactly a punishment, now is it?

I have to tell you, guys, I am pretty proud of this thing.  I mean, my first pie ever, vegan AND it’s gorgeous.  My grandma would be proud (and really confused by the whole vegan thing.)  In other amazing news, look at these pretty guys:

Hope things are looking up for you, as they are for me.


Vegan Peach Pie. All the rest my own weird recipes: grilled veggies done in the same style as skewers: drizzled with olive oil, balsamic and freshly chopped herbs like rosemary, sage and/or thyme.  Salad garnished with Nasturtium from my own garden and falafel courtesy of TJ’s (we all need a little help now and then!)  Wraps are sauteed onions, quinoa, kale and curry, with Wildwood BBQ tofu mixed in and all the goodies shoved in that tasty wrap!  Seitan on the right is bastardized Seitan Bourguignon consisting of pan fried mushrooms, squash, carrots and seitan with balsamic, soy sauce and a little sugar topping barley rice mix also from TJ’s (what can I say, fiance works there and I get a discount!)

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2 Responses to Camping, Vegan Pie and other amazing things

  1. HMc says:

    You do realize that sugar is not a vegan product, right?

    • Actually, sugar IS vegan, so long as it doesn’t include bone char. High-quality organic and natural sugars won’t include this, which is why I used them exclusively. You’re right that I should have specified that, however!

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