People come from all over and demand the fried stuffed squash blossoms.

Sookie St. James may not be a household name in your house, but it sure is in mine.  She may be part of what shaped my idea of what I cook should be, and the fact that’s she is from Gilmore Girls should not mean she can’t still be a role model for me!  Okay, she hates vegetarians, so that part isn’t great, but anything she makes sounds fancy to me!  I’m coming to point, I promise.  Tonight I made Stuffed Fried Squash Blossoms.

SOOKIE: My stuffed fried squash blossoms are extremely popular with the customers.

JACKSON: Yes I know.

SOOKIE: People come from all over and demand the fried stuffed squash blossoms.

JACKSON: That’s exactly my point!

SOOKIE: What’ll you have sir? Anything that comes with the stuffed fried squash blossoms. That’s what I hear day in and day out.

JACKSON: Yes, great, I know, but all I’m asking you is to try stuffing something a little different this time huh? (holds up a zucchini tush)

SOOKIE: A zucchini tush?

JACKSON: Just a temporary name.

SOOKIE: You want me to serve my customers a genetically engineered vegetable that’s named after a butt?

JACKSON: Hey this is an all natural vegetable hybrid that’s perfectly safe, completely delicious, and yes it looks a little odd but you can put in on the map!

SOOKIE: I want the blossoms.

JACKSON: Fine. You wanna think small, think small. I’m done.

See?  They’re world famous, I had to make them once I saw them at the farmer’s market today.  By the way, have I mentioned Berkeley has the best farmer’s markets?  So I bought them on an impulse and then looked for a recipe.  I kind of made up the filling, and made my first fritto misto!  Adam seemed to think they were okay, he said they were “shepherd’s pie good” which is his favorite recipe I make.  I have a very full fridge, a plan for the week and some days off, so I’m hoping to update a lot.  Anyway, here are the photos & recipe!

Fritto Misto recipe from here.


1/4 block firm tofu

1/2 cup vegan cream cheese

pinch of rosemary and parsley

salt and pepper to taste

I also made some arborio rice with onion, bell pepper and saffron.  It could have used some more pizzaz, so I won’t go into the recipe.  I also felt like this heavy, fried dish would have been good with a side salad to lighten it up.

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