Vegan MOFO: Peanut Sauce on Everything

I am a saucy lady. And by that I mean I love sauce on things.

My parents will tell you that when we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant when I was a kid, I smothered my food in that red sweet and sour sauce that is probably so bad for you. Even now when I go to Thai restaurants, if they give me that peanut sauce it goes on everything! My mom’s the same way with that peanut stuff. So delicious.

Which brings me to today’s post. Who knew that peanut sauce deliciousness could be yours at home for about 5 minutes of work? Isa Chandra Moscowitz, that’s who. But then, Isa Chandra knows kind of everything.  To make this into a sauce, omit the water.  For a salad dressing (or on noodles, or on stir fry, or on your cat…) add more water.  I had it on a salad with grated zucchini, but also about a million other things.

Yummiest Peanut Sauce


1/2 cup natural peanut butter (unsalted and fairly natural is very important here)

1/4 water

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup rice wine vinegar (I used the seasoned kind and it was yummy)

1 tablespoon ginger (I microplaned mine, and went lighter because I can’t handle too much)

1 tablespoon sriracha (or less for less spice)

1 tablespoon agave (to taste)

1 tablespoon soy sauce or tamari

That’s it!  The PPK recommends blending, I didn’t find that necessary if you microplane: Just whisk it all together and then put it on everything.  Seriously, this may be my new favorite thing.

See you all tomorrow!

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