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Vegan MOFO: Melt-in-your-Mouth Zucchini Bread

Day four: who else likes veggies hiding in their desserts? I seem to always have extra zucchinis hanging around, so why not grate them up and put them in this ridiculously delicious but still wholesome bread? Since I’ve been having … Continue reading

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Vegan MOFO: Best-Ever Tofu Scramble

Since I became vegan I’ve been making tofu scrambles, but I have not been making good tofu scrambles. They were lacking flavor, they sometimes had weird flavors. They were edible, but not good. And vegans were always saying how AMAZING … Continue reading

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Vegan MOFO: Peanut Sauce on Everything

I am a saucy lady. And by that I mean I love sauce on things. My parents will tell you that when we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant when I was a kid, I smothered my food in that … Continue reading

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Vegan MOFO: White Bean and Sage Patties with Roasted Tomato Sauce

Welcome back! As this month is vegan Mofo I thought I would use this opportunity to revive this very dead blog! In the sprit of starting over, I have a confession to make. I kind of love Martha Stewart’s Living. … Continue reading

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“Turkey Day”

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Thanksgiving.  I mean, I know I’m not the only one…it is only 5 days away.  But I mean I’ve been thinking about the whole concept.  What is the point of Thanksgiving?  Many people … Continue reading

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Go-To Vegan Recipes Part 1

Maybe you’re vegan-curious.  You experimented in college or that one time when you were drunk, but you still say “I could never live without cheese!” and still think you will feel sick if you don’t get enough protein!  Well, these … Continue reading

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People come from all over and demand the fried stuffed squash blossoms.

Sookie St. James may not be a household name in your house, but it sure is in mine.  She may be part of what shaped my idea of what I cook should be, and the fact that’s she is from … Continue reading

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Camping, Vegan Pie and other amazing things

I have never been a huge camper.  Not that I ever disliked it, it just wasn’t big in my family.  My mom raised me to appreciate a soft bed in a nice hotel on vacation, which may have been the … Continue reading

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What Being Vegan Has Given Me.

My lack of posting should not be construed as not cooking.  I have been cooking, more than ever in fact.  None of them have been all that life-changing, though.  Since Adam has started working nights, he comes home on his … Continue reading

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Going Vegan

I have had some people asking me lately about resources for becoming vegan. I am far from an expert, I haven’t even been a vegan for a year yet, but I would like to share some tips and great resources … Continue reading

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