“Turkey Day”

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Thanksgiving.  I mean, I know I’m not the only one…it is only 5 days away.  But I mean I’ve been thinking about the whole concept.  What is the point Imageof Thanksgiving?  Many people call it “Turkey Day” and I think that’s ironic because all we do for Thanksgiving is kill turkeys.  According to PETA, over 45 million turkeys are killed for this day…and this just breaks my heart.  I mean, who even cares about the turkey?  I know I never did growing up.  And, to be honest, as a kid I loved meat..but I never cared about turkey.  And turkeys are so funny.  When I visited Animal Place a few months ago, I was amazed at how weird and awesome they are.  They all make that weird gobbling noise at the same time, and it’s so loud and startling!

ImageThanksgiving has also made me think about family.  Most vegans can attest that Thanksgiving is a tough holiday because it basically centers around a dead bird.  Last year I avoided the issue entirely by just making my own vegan Thanksgiving, and my mom came and enjoyed my dinner, and the whole dead bird thing never came up.  This year the other side of my family wanted me to comeImage visit for Thanksgiving, so I am… but I’m saddened that there will be that corpse in the next room.  It makes it hard to enjoy the giving thanks, or the family camaraderie, when I know someone had to die to bring it about.  Sorry to be such a downer around the holidays, and I promise tomorrow I will post photos of the amazing vegan Thanksgiving food I’m making to bring to my family.  But today, this is where my thoughts were. 

With the turkeys.


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